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Immigration Services

Business immigrants are expected to make a C$800,000 investment or to own and manage businesses in Canada, and must meet certain experience and/or net worth criteria. The criteria you must meet to qualify are different for each class. Find out if you can immigrate in one of these classes:


Immigrant Investor Venture Capital (IIVC) Pilot Program is meant for international investors with the skills and abilities needed to contribute to the Canadian economy and integrate into the society.


Each application can be made for only one class and the class cannot be changed once the application is submitted. The criteria you must meet to qualify are different for each class.

Self employed

The Business Immigration Program seeks to attract experienced business people to Canada who will support the development of a strong and prosperous Canadian economy.


The start-up visa program targets qualified settler business visionaries with the expected aptitudes to fire up and keep up their own particular organizations in Canada. The qualified organizations must can possibly make occupations for Canadians, be aggressive in nature on a worldwide scale.

  • Support from designated organizations
  • Ownership requirements
  • Language
  • Funds

The Self-employed Program Under this stream of immigration, the government of Canada may grant permanent residency to people who are willing to become self-employed in Canada. The applicants must have an intent to buy and manage a farm in Canada OR they must have experience in cultural activities and athletics which will enable them to make a significant contribution to the athletic or cultural life of Canada.

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