Humanitarian & Compassionate Applications


Humanitarian and Compassionate Applications or “H & Cs” are Canadian Permanent Residence applications that are filed IN LAND (in Canada) to the Case Processing Centre (CPC) Vegreville, Alberta. They are for people out of status in Canada but who have made Canada their home. If you are someone or know someone who in living in Canada without the proper paper work, there still are options! You may be able to qualify for and H&C and obtain Canadian permanent residence status.

However, being approved for a Humanitarian and Compassionate application is far from easy. Immigration officers do not ready approve them unless the applicant demonstrates that he or she will suffer hardship in their home country and have established themselves in Canada. Making a strong and compelling case is essential for a successful outcome.

Humanitarian and Compassionate (H and C) Applications are usually for people living in Canada without legal status in Canada but who have nevertheless established themselves in Canada by virtue the following: (note: not all factors will be applicable in all cases)

Family ties to Canada who are Canadian Permanent Residents or Canadian Citizens

Employment in Canada albeit often without a valid Canadian work permit

Education in Canada albeit often without a valid Study Permit in Canada

Volunteer work in Canada

Upgrade of English skills

Savings and property in Canada

Social ties to Canada in their communities